"Black Falcon" album has been included in the "BEST ALBUMS OF 2011" list on Seattlepi magazine.

Altered Realities
Altered Realities is an album of solo acoustic guitar and live electronics. All of the compositions were recorded in real-time, directly to DAT (Digital Audio Tape) without any overdubs, mixing, editing, post-processing, or the use of previously recorded material. All of the textures were created based only on the acoustic guitar signal with no other sound source used during the recording. Within these textures, there are long sustaining single notes, beautiful shimmering chords and rhythmic clusters. With no post-processing, no editing and no use of previously recorded material, the moment that is recorded is the moment that we hear on the cd.

During the making of this album, Ovation Custom Legend 1869 acoustic guitar, TC Electronic Fireworx multi effects processor, Behringer FCB1010 midi foot controller and the software Audiomulch were used.
"Altered Realities" was included in the "BEST ALBUMS OF THE YEAR" lists on All About Jazz, Textura, Cyclic Defrost and Audio Video magazines.

1-Bridge to Horizon 7 : 34
2-Sliding on a Glacier 7 : 39
3-Frozen Resophonic 6 : 43
4-Dreaming on a Blind Saddle 8 : 00
5-Shadow My Dovetail 8 : 49
6-Pearl Border 7 : 15
7-Ebony Remains 7 : 10


New Albion Records
Forced Exposure

Produced by : Erdem Helvacioglu

Composed by : Erdem Helvacioglu

Recorded and mixed by : Erdem Helvacioglu

Mastered by : Pieter Snapper, ITU MIAM Studios

Date: August 2006

Format : CD

Label : New Albion

New Albion Records

Erdem Helvacioglu : Acoustic guitar and live electronics

“It’s a groundbreaking record that proves how music of resounding depth, beauty and understated power can be created where the conventional and the technological meet.”

John Kelman, All About Jazz magazine, August 2007

“Altered Realities may be the most satisfying fusion of solo acoustic guitar playing and live electronics I've heard to date.”

Ron Schepper, Textura Magazine, May 2007

“A revolutionary disc from the Turkish electronic music pioneer.”

Vintage Guitar Magazine, November 2007


Rick Anderson, CD Hotlist, November 2007

"The rich, expansive, emotionally evocative soundscapes that result are things of remarkable beauty, expansive in their scope and vivid in their detailing."

Rupert Bottenberg, Montreal Mirror, April 2007

"Altered Realities is one of the most interesting experimental records we’ve heard this year."

Synthtopia, July 2007

"Erdem's record is really lucious and unique. Highly recommended."

Ben Kettlewell, Alternate Music Press, May 2007

"Wherever Helvacioglu takes the listener, it's always completely arresting and disarmingly beautiful."

Tim Clarke, Luna Kafe magazine, July 2007