"Black Falcon" album has been included in the "BEST ALBUMS OF 2011" list on Seattlepi magazine.

Black Falcon
Like the falcon migrating, this Australian and Turkish collaboration transcends the boundaries of old and new worlds. Like birds in flight we share the sound space at each moment, totally aware and in tune with the aerodynamic fluctuations of  our sound sources, bodies and potential visions and  mysteries of producing together.
"Black Falcon" album was included in the "BEST ALBUMS OF THE YEAR" list on Blogcritics magazine.

1) The Black Falcon 10 : 07
2) Falconers Knot 5 : 56
3) Game Country 1 : 52
4) Circle around the Shadows 9 : 35
5) Flow of Victory 6 : 41
6) Moment of Delicacy 8 : 33
7) Returning Home 8 : 40



Produced by : Erdem Helvacioglu

Composed by : Erdem Helvacioglu and Ros Bandt

Recorded by : Can Karadogan at ITU MIAM Studios, Istanbul

Edited and mixed by : Erdem Helvacioglu

Mastered by : Pieter Snapper at Babajim Mastering Studios, Istanbul

Date : 2010

Format : CD

Label : Pozitif


Ros Bandt: Tarhu

Erdem Helvacioglu : Electric guitar and live electronics

"This beautifully realized album represents an entirely improvised collaboration between two of today’s most imaginative and celebrated new music composers and musicians."

Barry Cleveland, Guitar Player Magazine

"Black Falcon is an incredible musical recording. As a sonic experience it has few rivals in the experimental field able to achieve such technical prowess combined with live experimentation, cohesive narrative form and engagement with the edge of music." 

Cyclic Defrost Magazine

"The album's pieces ultimately register as luminous, free-standing explorations by two deeply in-sync players."

Textura Magazine August 2011

"Turkish guitarist Erdem Helvacioglu continues to break new ground for the guitar as an artisan’s tool with Black Falcon—his 2010 collaboration album with sound artist Ros Bandt. On this release Black Falcon, Erdem redefines the role of the electric guitar—performing the guitar within the context of a challenging mix of new music, ambient electronics, electro-acoustic soundtrack music and more."

mwe3 Magazine May 2011