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furthernoise april 2009
Wounded Breadth is another immersive sonic experience from one of Turkey's more esteemed sonic sculptors, Erdem Helvacioglu. Where his previous work sounded like heaven's ire, with its processed guitar and a veritable menagerie of blunt yet beautiful electronic textures and harmonies whipping the air in intensely focused strands of sonic dalliance, Wounded Breadth is a strictly electro-acoustic album of a more aggressive, conceptual bent.

The work has less to do with a clear arc, or, for that matter, a beginning, middle, or end - instead, it's largely characterized by differing levels of intensity and mayhem. Though in part an exercise in formlessness, albeit of a curiously attractive and invigorating kind, the representative dimension of the compositions, though never overstated, enables them to attain to something more concrete. Below The Cold Ocean, the opening selection for this work, sounds like precisely that; its metallic timbres, frigid tones and cutting high-pitched whirs interlock and cycle around each other at varying speed in pulse-free ellipses. Managed as well as it is, the piece visibly vibrates from the additive intensity of its discrete sonic elements.

The next few tracks, which weave through themes of fire, rolling marbles, and flitting memories, demonstrate impressive expressive breadth. Helvacioglu's extensive vocabulary is given fine articulation and remains precise even when he plunges into fecund passages of delirious activity and intensity. Loaded with some of his most feral outbursts, the title track and album closer, which canvasses an elderly woman's last recollections as she lays on her deathbed, is nevertheless grounded in an inscrutable logic. An assertive time flow supports the airborne spiraling of this piece, rendering more pronounced both its haunting electronic strangeness and its respective significations. In so doing, sonic ephemera becomes a kind of cosmic dance that remains provocative and full of unexpected left-turns, while simultaneously bringing complex emotions into sharp focus.

Review by Max Schaefer

Wounded Breath