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Happy Days
"Happy Days" is a play by Samuel Beckett, mainly on the mankind's feeling of being stuck between the sky and the earth, their desperation. Although it seems like a pessimistic play, in many ways it is an exposition of the resourcefulness of the human spirit in the face of hopelessness. Our woman character Winnie, is embedded up to her “waist in a mound of earth, seems to be drawing her downward. She can only use her arms and has a bundle where she keeps a mirror, toothbrush, lipstick, nail file, and other daily possessions and a Browning gun she has named "Brownie". As the scorching sun beats down, the environment is a desert. The second half, Winnie is closer to the unavoidable end (symbolising the old people getting into their graves) and is buried to her neck and must rely solely on the resources of her mind. The only means Winnie now can protect herself and prove her existence, is to write some words in the air.. Like all people, turning the reality upside down, even under such circumstances some "happy" words.. The husband living behind the mound and rarely answering Winnie's questions with one word or by grumbling, is a captive of his own world and is a symbol of loneliness, disagreement, discommunication.

1- Happy Days Main Theme




Director: Zurab Sikharulidze

Writer : Samuel Beckett

Translation : Aksit Gokturk


Premier: May 2006, Akatlar Cultural Center, Istanbul

Actors: Ayse Lebriz, Cemil Buyukdogerli

Music and sound design : Erdem Helvacioglu

Erdem Helvacioglu : Synth, location recordings and sound design