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Phonography 7
This is the seventh installment of the field recording compilation series for phonography.org. The album includes 19 sound photographs of places, weather, animals, insects, urban and exotic locations. These are not snapshots but high grain, perfectly lit, carefully framed art pieces.
The album includes Erdem Helvacioglu's work titled "Night Walk".

1. Ben Owen: Badlands 0702
2. Mark Griswold: Bermuda Dawn
3. Derek Holzer: Nesting ground
4. Heath Yonaites: Alkali Flies At Mono Lake
5. Rob Danielson: Dawn, Distant Thunder, Woodpecker
6. j.frede: July 4, 2003, At Night In Hobbs, Slow Tin Rattle
7. Dave Knott: Windmills At South Point, Hawaii
8. Yannick Dauby: A Stairwell In Taipei, 24.08.2004
9. Thomas Beck: Rain On Metal
10. Omnid: Shov v1
11. Erdem Helvacioglu: Night Walk
12. Jarra: Little Stream Next To Road
13. MNortham: Coastal Limestone Crack
14. Jen Boyd: A Trail Of Ants On A Thorny Plant
15. Robert Horton: Light Rain Haiku
16. Jonathan Way: Black Bear Cubs In Fir Tree
17. Dale Lloyd: Mt. St. Helens Locusts
18. Eric La Casa: Italian Visitor
19. Bill Thompson: Hogmanay On The North Sea



Date : 2005

Format : CD

Label: and/oar


Erdem Helvacioglu: Location recording