"Sub City 2064" album was Editor’s Top Three CDs in Guitar Player magazine’s september issue of 2010.

Resonating Universes
‘Resonating Universes’ is a new collaboration between Turkish artists Erdem Helvacıoğlu and Şirin Pancaroğlu that brings together traditional Turkish harp (Pancaroğlu) with sound-sculpting electronica (Helvacıoğlu) into one continuously evolving soundscape. This is is a superbly sophisticated and expressive work that blends contemporary experimental vocabulary with traditional, Turkish sensibilities — A timeless sonic journey.

1. Resonating Universes Part 1 7 : 25
2. Resonating Universes Part 2 7 : 08
3. Resonating Universes Part 3 8 : 17
4. Resonating Universes Part 4 3 : 08
5. Resonating Universes Part 5 7 : 53
6. Resonating Universes Part 6 4 : 17
7. Resonating Universes Part 7 5 : 31
8. Resonating Universes Part 8 15 : 23


Sargasso Records
Produced by : Erdem Helvacioglu

Composed by : Erdem Helvacioglu

Recorded by : Pieter Snapper, ITU MIAM Studios and Babajim Istanbul Studios & MasteringStudios

Mixed by: Erdem Helvacioglu

Mastered by: Pieter Snapper at Babajim Istanbul Studios & Mastering

Photos by: Utku Dervent

Design : Catalina Quijano

Date : 2011

Format : CD

Record label : Sargasso


Sirin Pancaroglu : Ceng, concert harp and electric harp

Erdem Helvacioglu : Additional ceng, concert harp and electric harp sampling, live processing

“Harp music like you've never heard before recreates the amazing chaos of creation for an experience you'll not soon forget.”

Richard Marcus, Blogcritics

"Helvacioglu has created a sound world here that really rivals anything produced in the electroacoustic genre."

William Tilland, foxy digitalis

"...approach dedicated to exploring the sonic possibilities of the harp to the maximum degree."

Textura magazine 

"Helvacioglu has found for his electronics a lovely balance with the natural acoustic and spectral properties of the harp. By and large, the electronics are employed in an extremely colourful and varied manner, so they always feel like an extension of the harp, rather than a seperate, discreet voice."

Nick Storring, Musicworks Magazine Spring 2012 

"...outstanding collaborative work.... both Helvacioglu and Pancaroglu have produced a recording that contains many hidden subtleties to discover and admire.... portrait of two outstanding Turkish musicians, this compact suite of eight pieces is highly recommended."

Alistair Zaldua, ARRAY Magazine January 2013

"Resonating Universes really creates a new medium, a new sound-space, in which the harp can exist. It is no longer an instrument on which to simply play music - it is now a complete universe of sound itself."

Garrett Byrnes, composer