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Babysue - October 2007
Erdem Helvacioglu - Altered Realities (CD, New Albion, Electronic/instrumental/progressive) Electronic artists are a dime a dozen these days...and most of them are either continually regurgitating Brian Eno's Music for Airports for the millionth time...or their music is so silly and blippity-bloopity that you can only listen to it once or twice. Accordingly and as a matter of fact, the second album from Turkey's Erdem Helvacioglu is a refreshing blast of unique electronic air. Altered Realities is an appropriate title for this album as it features seven lengthy tunes...Read more
Alternate Music Press - May 2007
Review by Ben Kettlewell Erdem's record is really lucious and unique. I can appreciate, enjoy, and contemplate the sounds of these compositions without knowing the underlying story or thematic circumstances behind their creation. The clear tones and harmonics of the guitar along with the minimalistic soundscapes give the album cohesiveness and clarity, while the processed sounds, feedback, and minimal electronics give the compositions a hazy, nostalgic texture. There is an unmistakable homogeneity between the compositions which gives the album a very coordinated ambiance,...Read more
ARRAY journal 2008
by Nathan Wolek In Altered Realities, Erdem Helvacioglu has found a balance between guitar and realtime processing that results in a cohesive disc with moments of true beauty. The titles of the tracks are visually suggestive and offer vaguely poetic extensions of the disc’s title. Names such as “Sliding on a Glacier” and “Shadow of my Dovetail” betray nothing of the musical mood, the programmatic intent or the creative inspiration. They are almost interchangeable on a disc that has no lyrics or program notes, but maybe this betrays Helvacioglu’s aesthetic intent to create...Read more
GRAMOPHONE Magazine December 2006
New York Times - 15 Feb 2008
Montreal Mirror Magazine April 2007
Fans of Dan Lanois, pay attention. Turkish guitarist Helvacioglu isn’t just an exquisitely capable and adventurous player, he’s a bit of a daredevil too—Altered Realities was recorded without overdubs or alterations, just a real-time session with six strings and a stack of effects pedals. The rich, expansive, emotionally evocative soundscapes that result are things of remarkable beauty, expansive in their scope and vivid in their detailing. 8/10 (Rupert Bottenberg)Read more
Chitarre Magazine November 2007
JAZZ&TZAZ may 2007
One of the most recognized turkish ‘atmosphere makers’ the guitarist Erdem Helvacioglu has a recent work with the American label New Albion – known for its strong productions in the avant area of ‘new age’. Using basicly his acoustic guitar he creates an ‘environment’, seeking at the same time from the ‘lifeless’ machines and the software, leading roles. Working in real time, without overdubs, pre – recorded material, the Turk composer acheives the self-evident – to be heard exaclty on the moment he plays, offering, that is, hi sinspiration and ideas directly to the......Read more
synthtopia july 2007
Altered Realities is a new album electroacoustic guitar music by Turkish composer Erdem Helvacioglu. On the CD, Helvacioglu makes very interesting use of electronics, recording all the compositions in real time directly to tape. No overdubs or post-processing was used on the material, so the CD captures ideal live electroacoustic performances. The music is a collection of solo acoustic guitar, enhanced with effects and computer processing. Helvacioglu plays an Ovation Legend, using a TC Electronic Fireworx multi effects processor, Behringer FCB1010 midi foot controller and...Read more
world1 music magazine september 2007
All About Jazz - best of 2007 - dec 2007
Altered Realities Erdem Helvacioglu | New Albion (2007) By John Kelman To some, the argument for keeping music and technology distinct and apart is nearly as contentious as that concerning the separation of church and state. But while bringing together the latter arguably creates, at the very least, a moral dilemma about freedom of choice, the concept of integrating conventional musical instruments with modern technological advances only becomes a problem for those who believe that there's something inherently purer about an unadorned, untreated acoustic instrument....Read more
turkish daily news 4 april 2008
time out istanbul english april2008
vintage guitar november 2007
La media theque magazine
Au premier tiers du très beau court-métrage « Racines » d’Eileen Hofer, lorsque l’enfant quitte son père, traverse le pont pour rejoindre ses amis d’école et que l’homme de son côté s’en va livrer, à dos d’homme, un sac de bois à une vieille femme dans un hameau reculé de la montagne enneigée, des notes de guitare électrique percent la surface de la bande-son naturaliste, s’élèvent puis paraissent presque s’arrêter - comme flottantes ou en suspension. En ralentissant le pouls du film, la musique semble donner à cette séquence d’à peine nonante secondes une durée et un...Read more
Scaruffi Magazine October 2007
Turkish composer Erdem Helvacioglu surfaced with A Walk Through The Bazaar (Locust, 2003), which is literally what its title says: a 16-minute piece inspired and derived from the sounds of a busy bazaar. The second piece is a remix. Altered Realities (New Albion, 2006), recorded in real-time without any processing, is basically a seven-part sound-sculpture. The first piece, Bridge to Horizon, is a wonderful blend of crystal electronic overtones, alien drones and delicate guitar strumming at a slow trance-like pace that at times becomes suspenseful and dramatic, as if John...Read more


Apopsy Magazine February 2008
- Who was your first model for holding a guitar? Name some of the guitarists you admire most. One of my first models for guitar was Al di Meola. I was so influenced by him that I have bought the very same acoustic guitar that he was playing during those times. As acoustic guitarists, I admire Michael Hedges, John McLaughlin, Tommy Emmanuel and as electric guitarists, I admire Jeff Beck, Allan Holdsworth, Bill Frisell and David Torn a lot. - How did you develop your style of using the acoustic guitar and electronics? I have always been interested in using electronics with...Read more
Beat Magazine December 2007
Verspielter Kanon „Guitar Looper“ sehen sich nicht als Ein-Mann-Orchester Es braucht heutzutage nicht mehr viel, um sich am Rechner ein komplettes Orchester zusammenzustellen. Diese Einstellung geht einer neuen Generation von Musikern allerdings gehörig gegen den Strich. „Um einzigartige Kunst zu schaffen, muss man sich als Musiker in irgendeiner Form beschränken“, bringt es der Istanbul lebende Erdem Helvacioglu spitz auf den Punkt und gibt damit das Motto eines Stils vor, der gemeinhin als „Guitar Loops“ bezeichnet wird: Atmosphärische Klanglandschaften, die von nur...Read more
MUSICWORKS magazine Spring 2013 interview
TODAYS ZAMAN newspaper April 27, 2013