"Planet X" album has been included in the "BEST ALBUMS OF 2012" list by Canadian radio CJSW 90.9 FM.


SIGNAL TO NOISE Magazine Issue Summer 2009
Loop Magazine July 2007
Loop Magazine Interview – Erdem Helvacioglu July 2007 - I guess that "Altered Realities" was recorded in only one take and recorded in real-time. Is it an improvising piece? All of the pieces on the “Altered Realities” album were recorded in real-time. I played the acoustic guitar and controlled the complex live electronics setup at the same time. I recorded many takes of each piece and chose the best ones for the album. All of the works were composed and worked in detail. There is improvisation both in the playing and electronics part, but I think that part would only...Read more
La Gouttiere Magazine October 2007
La gouttiere interview- Erdem HELVACIOGLU - To begin with, tell us how have you got to music? I have got into music when i was eleven years old. I started by playing the guitar. During those years I was interested mostly in rock, pop and jazz. I have been in many rock bands and played at lots of festivals around Istanbul. I have released a demo album with an Istanbul progressive, psychedelic rock band TOO MUCH when i was in high school. After this guitar period, during my university days I became interested in electronic music. First, I started listening to commercial...Read more
Cuemix Magazine July 2007
CM>>>Erdem after reading your biography I was really speechless. You won so many prizes and did so many concerts, exhibitions and productions for films, videos, dance... when did you sleep in the last six years? Erdem>>> Well, I did not sleep at all for the last 6 years ( Laughing ) Yes you are right, I did lots of different projects during this period. I received prestigious electronic music prizes from competitions such as Luigi Russolo, MUSICA NOVA, Insulae. I gave concerts all around the world and my compositions have been performed at very important...Read more
Tokafi Magazine June 2013
Through swollen eyes by Tobias Fischer Erdem Helvacıoğlu wants composers to leave the zone of non-involvement "I don't see things getting better", Erdem Helvacıoğlu says, his gaze fixed intently on me. We're sitting in the lobby of the Ibis Hotel near Berlin's Ostbahnhof and we're both exhausted and tired – Erdem from a long flight and too little sleep, me from a Winter that simply won't come to an end. We've already been talking for an hour, zig-zagging from music to travelling and from our goals in life to life in Istanbul, Erdem's first hometown next to his second one...Read more