"Wounded Breath" album has been included in the "BEST ALBUMS OF 2009" list by the Culture Catch magazine.


freiStil Magazine September 2010
ERDEM HELVACIOGLU / PER BOYSEN sub city 2064 Eigenverlag / http://erdemhelvaciogluandperboysen.bandcamp.com / rec: 09-10 Erdem Helvacioglu (e, g, g-v), Per Boysen (e, fl, ts, g) Wie schon der Titel verrät, geht es auf „Sub City 2064“ auch um Science-Fiction. Verhandelt wird hier der Sound einer virtuellen Stadt, die mit der Zeitmaschine von H.G. Wells bzw. mit ihrer Neuinterpretation von Thomas Pynchon oder aber mit dem modernen Verkehrsmittel CD-Player rasch zu erreichen ist. Unterirdisch sei sie aufzufinden, unter Wasser, etwa wie Atlantis. Das erklärt im freiStil-...Read more
Furthernoise Magazine
Collaborative Soundtracking - Erdem Helvacioğlu and Per Boysen Cinematic music offers performers and composers an opportunity to explore dramatic emotions, while underscoring plot as a supplement or enhancement to a visual image, aspects missing from music composed for listening. It's even more fun if the host movie involves the supernatural. On Sub City 2064, multi-instrumentalists Erdem Helvacioğlu and Per Boysen deliver the soundtrack preceding a sci-fi/horror film (whose current state hovers between ideation and synopsis), by turns eerie, meditative, with echoes of...Read more
Tokafi Magazine September 2010
M Vernusky: Music for Film & Electro-Theatre; M Oppedisano: Mechanical Uprising; E Helvacıoğlu & P Boysen: Sub City 2064; T Reber: Backup Aura September 15th 2010, by Tobias Fischer | 0 Comments and 0 Reactions Proving their humanity: Four electroacoustic composers deserving your attention. Composers operating in the realms of Electroacoustics are having it hard enough as it is. While, on the one hand, their art is frequently decried as being overly „intellectual“, their work at the fringes is further marginalised by a percolation of their ideas into more...Read more
New Classics Magazine
SUB CITY 2064 - ERDEM HELVACIOGLU Erdem Helvacioğlu is one of Turkey’s leading electronic music composers and his works have been performed and broadcast all around the world. His compositions have been included in prestigious festivals such as the San Francisco Tape Music Festival, Seoul International Computer Music Festival, Musica Viva Festival, Primavera en La Habana and Third Practice Electro-acoustic Music Festival. He has received many international awards and as well as his electronic music he composes for theatre, film, multimedia productions. Helvacioğlu performs...Read more


SIGNAL TO NOISE Magazine Summer 2011
Guitar Moderne Magazine July 2012
Erdem Helvacioglu, a renowned contemporary composer in his native Turkey, is emblematic of the ever-growing worldwide community of experimental guitarists. His music has been included in festivals, museums and galleries all over the globe. He has collaborated with Mick Karn, Jacob Young, Elliott Sharp, Per Boysen, and many more. Check out his website for full bio and credits. What kind of music were you playing when you first became proficient on the instrument? I started playing guitar when I was eleven years old. The first pieces I learned were technically easier works...Read more
SIGNAL TO NOISE Magazine Issue Summer 2009
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