"Eleven Short Stories" album has been included in the "BEST ALBUMS OF 2012" list by KONTRA PLAK, the coolest record shop in Istanbul.


Blogcritics August 2011
When you think about modern electronic compositions, you normally expect the instruments to be something you'd plug in. Musicians play keyboards, guitars and anything else that's already electronically inclined. One of the last instruments you would probably associate with these types of works would be the harp. Whether one of the huge concert harps used with a symphony orchestra or one of the many different "folk" harps from cultures around the world, they seem to be the epitome of an acoustic instrument. Harpists delicately pluck strings, picking out a melody which makes...Read more
Foxy Digitalis Magazine November 2011
This CD presents an eight-part electroacoustic work commissioned by the Association for the Art of the Harp, performed by Sirin Pancaroglu on concert harp, electric harp and ceng (an early Turkish harp), with additional harps, harp sampling and live processing by Erdem Helvacioglu, who also composed the music. A wide range of sounds, traditional and highly non-traditional, are coaxed from the various harps – creaking, rattling, chiming, buzzing and so on. Music of this sort often gets stuck at the conceptual level, more interesting in the telling than the listening, but...Read more
Ragazzi Music Magazine November 2011
Erdem Helvacioglus neuer Hörfilm ist wieder enorm handlungsreich, macht acht Kammern auf, die in dunkle Geheimnisse entführen oder ausgefallen schön aufgenommene (Klang-)Landschaften präsentieren. Der Komponist, Gitarrist und Elektroniker Erdem Helvacioglu arbeitete das in acht Parts gegliederte Werk "resonating universes" - der Titel ist zutreffend, die Musik erzeugt starke Resonanz und macht ein ungeahntes und bislang unbetretenes Universum auf - mit der ebenfalls türkischen Harfenistin Sirin Pancaroglu aus. Etwaige Parallelen zum stilistischen Verständnis sind mir nicht...Read more
Textura Magazine December 2011
Erdem Helvacioglu & Sirin Pancaroglu: Resonating Universes Sargasso Erdem Helvacioglu has not only established a solid reputation as an artist in his own right, but he's also establishing himself to an equal degree as a collaborator. In 2010, he and Per Boysen pooled their artistic energies for Sub City 2064, and earlier this year, Helvacioglu and tarhu player Ros Bandt released their collaborative effort Black Falcon. A mere half-year later, Helvacioglu is back, this time with Sirin Pancaroglu, one of Turkey's best-known harpists who, like Helvacioglu, would appear to...Read more
Musicworks Magazine Spring 2012
"Helvacioglu has found for his electronics a lovely balance with the natural acoustic and spectral properties of the harp. By and large, the electronics are employed in an extremely colourful and varied manner, so they always feel like an extension of the harp, rather than a seperate, discreet voice." Nick StorringRead more
ARRAY Magazine January 2013
CD Review: Resonating Universes Erdem Helvacioglu (composer), Sirin Pancaroglu (harpist), Sargasso Records by Alistair Zaldua Sargasso’s latest publication is a set of eight pieces presented by composer Erdem Helvacioğlu and harpist Şirin Pancaroğlu. Helvacioğlu is a very successful young Turkish composer whose (now somewhat outdated) website reveals his having composed for film, theatre, dance, as well as for video and sound art, and that his work has been performed at many international festivals for computer and electronic music. The equally successful Şirin Pancaroğlu...Read more
Liner Notes by Garrett Byrnes
Resonating Universes is a prodigious soundscape that weaves together not only a multitude of sounds, textures and musical gestures, but also disparate musical styles. As its title suggests, the work is a lush mosaic of atmospheric sound. It layers the “pure sound” of live harp performance with previously recorded and manipulated samples and, at times, with live electronics, creating a brazen audio experience. The idea of composing a work for an acoustic instrument and electronics (whether previously taped or live) is not a new one. As we know, a horde of works for this...Read more
Loop Magazine December 2011
Der Medienkonverter Magazine October 2013
Der umtriebige Komponist und Musiker Erdem Helvacioğlu ist dafür bekannt, dass er immer wieder neue Dimensionen im Bereich der Klangerzeugung und -verfremdung auslotet und dabei stets ungewöhnliche Wege beschreitet. Auf „Resonating Universes“ kreiert er einen Klangkosmos, in dem die Harfe einen besonderen Stellenwert einnimmt, insbesondere die klassische Konzertharfe, die E-Harfe (Elektrische Harfe) und die Çeng, eine türkische Harfe, deren Geschichte bis ins Osmanische Reich zurückreicht. Durch den zusätzlichen Einsatz von Soundsamples sowie teilweise live eingespielten...Read more
Ear Rational Music January 2012
Experimental harp music. Ya, you read that right. Think of John Cage's prepared pianos and apply it to the harp. The music is still rich and full as you would a think a harp to be - it is a big instrument, it should make big sounds. There sounds to be bowing, plucking and strikes on the instrument. Overall, I feel this is a mix of music box music for the demented or sometimes a lead up to the scary part of a horror movie. It sounds like at least 2 harps are played at a time, or multiple people playing the same one together. Certain points do lose the whole sound of the...Read more
Revue et Corrigee Magazine January 2012
En 2003, le label américain Locust Music éditait "Met Life, a walk through the bazaar" du compositeur turc Erdem HELVACIOGLU. Un enregistrement en deux parties. La première pièce était une captation sonore du bazar d'Istanbul, la seconde consistait en un remix plus électronique des mêmes sons. La présente compilation explore d'autres sons de la ville du Bosphore, reflétant le cosmopolitisme d'une cité entre Europe et Asie, entre chrétienté et islam, entre sons urbains conventionnels et d'autres plus typés, entre instruments de musique occidentaux et orientaux. Six...Read more
Sodapop Magazine January 2012
Nuovo capitolo per Erdem Helvacıoğlu, inarrestabile compositore turco che si muove fra musica colta e colonne sonore. Per chi di voi ci segue abitualmente no credo che ci siano bisogno di ulteriori presentazioni, ma per i neofiti è giusto ricordare che Helvacıoğlu oltre a vantare un curriculum di tutto rispetto, si fa forte di un buon numero di uscite e di collaborazioni su parecchie etichette di settore. Questo nuovo lavoro è una performance per arpa ed elettronica in cui il nostro processa il suono dell'arpista Şirin Pancaroğlu e lo arrangia per mezzo di un computer....Read more


Jonathan Wilson Designs Interview July 2011
JONATHAN WILSON INTERVIEW - Growing up in Turkey, how did you get your start in music and what initially drew you to it? Were your first encounters with traditional Turkish music or was it popular music? My initial start to music was the popular music of the 80s. I have been a big fan of 80s hard rock bands and 80s synth-pop music. The big sonic world and the great production quality of the bands such as Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, U2, Van Halen have really inspired me to play the guitar and to think more about music technology. I remember writing letters to the fan clubs...Read more
TODAYS ZAMAN newspaper April 27, 2013
MUSICWORKS magazine Spring 2013 interview