"Wounded Breath" album has been included in the "BEST ALBUMS OF 2009" list by the Culture Catch magazine.


Rifraf Magazine June 2012
Geluidskunst uit Turkij e. ‘Timeless Waves’ deed aanvankelijk dienst als klankinstallatie bij het interdisciplinaire kunstproj ect The Morning Line op het Eminönü plein in Istanbul, en aangezien het daar door 47 kanalen op 53 speakers werd verspreid, zou j e denken dat j e’r thuis weinig mee aan kan vangen. Maar verrassend genoeg klinkt het allemaal minder steriel en veel doorleefder dan j e zou verwachten. ‘Timeless Waves’ schuurt aan tegen de drones van KTL, noise, en af en toe de wollige akoestiek van Christian Fennesz. Niet meteen geschikt voor de gemiddelde theekrans...Read more
Revue & Corrigee Magazine June 2012
Istanbul-based Erdem Helvacıoğlu released a number of quality discs throughout 2012, all with distinct characters and approaches. Timeless Waves, however, was a clear standout. In fact, it arguably sets him among the likes of Fennesz, Stian Westerhuis, and Keith Fullerton Whitman in terms of his innovative use of guitar and electronics. The album covers a vast expanse of stylistic material — unsurprising given its subject matter. Each piece correlates, perhaps overly literally, with an emotion. Yet there's still plenty of special mystery and intrigue within each track. The...Read more
Enola Magazine July 2012
In de reeks new series framework van Sub Rosa verscheen het interessante album Timeless Waves van de Turkse elektroakoestische componist met de schier onuitspreekbare naam Erdem Helvacioglu. Helvacioglu werkte reeds samen met een rist internationale artiesten en bracht op vrij korte tijd twee waardevolle maar zeer verschillende soloalbums uit. Eleven Short Stories kwam eerder dit jaar uit op Innova en bevatte elf stukken voor prepared piano. Het pianoalbum was een soort ode aan zijn favoriete filmregisseurs Kim Ki-Duk, David Lynch, Jane Campion, Ang lee, Steven Soderberg...Read more
Bad Alchemy Magazine June 2012
SUB ROSA (Brüssel) 'The Morning Line', die bizarre Aluminiumkonstruktion, die Matthew Ritchie für den Eminönü Platz entworfen hat, könnte ich mir gut vorstellen als Schau-platz für eine Istanbuler Variante der Geschichte, die William Gaddis in seiner Justiz/Kunst-Satire Letzte Instanz auf die Spitze getrieben hat Tatsächlich war dieser Sonic Pavillon 2010 aber der Schauplatz für Klanginstallationen von u. a. C. M. von Hausswolff, Jana Winderen, Ghostdigital und für Timeless Waves (SR323) von ERDEM HELVACIOGLU. Angeregt durch Emotions in Social Psychology von W. Gerrod...Read more
Pitchfork Magazine April 2012
The six-track album Timeless Waves by Turkish composer Erdem Helvacioğlu comes crafted from a web of pieces he wrote to reflect six human emotions—sadness, anger, love, fear, surprise and joy—as part of an interdisciplinary mind meld called The Morning Line. Helvacioğlu split 47 channels of sound over 53 speakers in an Istanbul city square, using layers of harsh noise, gentle murmur, sudden bursts and long tones to convey the appropriate feelings one at a time. “Joy,” the last piece of Helvacioğlu’s cycle, delivers exactly the kind of iridescent burst its name implies....Read more
PopMatters Magazine June 2012
It is perhaps an indication of my own Orientalist tendencies that I expected an album by a Turkish sound artist to conjure up images of bustling Istanbul markets or sunbaked Cappadocia landscapes (admittedly, the CD cover may have nudged me a little in that direction). Actually, there is nothing particularly Turkish about Erdem Helvacioğlu’s Timeless Waves. True to its title, the sounds occupy their own spatiotemporal reality, and listeners with enough imagination may even find themselves transported there. “Fear” opens as musique concrete with surprisingly glitchy...Read more
Exclaim Magazine June 2012
Istanbul-based Erdem Helvacioglu's Timeless Waves, released just days after his disc for Innova, is a focussed yet diverse effort, this time firing electric guitar and the Togaman guitar viol through assorted electronic processors. Originally conceived for a 53-speaker interdisciplinary installation in Istanbul's Eminou Square, the piece holds up well in stereo. Sonically quite different, each section maintains a thread, thanks to Helvacioglu's tasteful yet imaginative use of effects, which never bury the instrumental source. Opener "Fear" charts an appropriately...Read more
Foxy Digitalis Magazine June 2012
“Timeless Waves” is my first exposure to the work of Turkish musician Erdem Helvacioglu. This is a piece that was composed for an installation in Istanbul but the scope of the music is unbound by its central idea. The resulting sounds are a thoughtfully assembled mix of jarring and soothing timbres, both unpredictable and lively. “Fear” opens the proceedings, a dark amalgam of field recordings and heavily processed scraped string instruments; the overall feel is one of paranoid focus, building slowly and expertly across its nine-minute runtime. In this piece Helvacioglu...Read more
Rockerilla Magazine June 2012
Un’opera nata per essere suonata da un sistema a 47 canali e 53 diffusori. In seguito ridotta al classico formato stereo. Il racconto è comunque avvolgente e ricco di sorprese. Merito delle indiscusse doti del musicista turco Erden Helvacioglu, unico responsabile delle musiche. Le sei emozioni umane basilari - amore, rabbia, felicità, tristezza, sorpresa e gioia - sono state la fonte di ispirazione per Timeless Waves, una sorta di flusso di coscienza che senza soluzione di continuità prende vita dai suoni delle chitarre (acustiche ed elettriche) per essere poi ammassato in...Read more
Freq Magazine May 2012
Timeless Waves apparently started life as a ‘sonic work’ for a multi-channel installation of some kind (though the notes are unclear as to whether it was a conventional performance or gallery deal). I can get a bit sceptical of these things translated to disc, but luckily, Erdem Helvacioglu’s done a good job of making it into a more album-shaped whole. It’s loosely themed around a set of common emotions, but it’s thankfully ambiguous in that intention – there’s enough mettle to this to keep it aside from something comparable to ‘this is using the colour blue because blue...Read more
Chain D.L.K Magazine April 2012
At first blush, this release, commissioned by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary for The Morning Line - an interdisciplinary art project by Matthew Ritchie, Aranda/Lasch and Arup AGU - and premiered two years ago on the occasion of an exhibition at Emononu Square in Istanbul, could look like some academic offhandedness against some poetic vision about emotional world, a little bit like Roland Barthes' milling of lover's discourses, due to reference marks to a notorious text book by Professor W.Gerrod Parrott, "Emotions In Social Psychology", based on a similarity-sorting...Read more


RC Quarterly Magazine Spring/Summer 2012
New Albums From Talented MusicianRead more
Guitar Moderne Magazine July 2012
Erdem Helvacioglu, a renowned contemporary composer in his native Turkey, is emblematic of the ever-growing worldwide community of experimental guitarists. His music has been included in festivals, museums and galleries all over the globe. He has collaborated with Mick Karn, Jacob Young, Elliott Sharp, Per Boysen, and many more. Check out his website for full bio and credits. What kind of music were you playing when you first became proficient on the instrument? I started playing guitar when I was eleven years old. The first pieces I learned were technically easier works...Read more
TODAYS ZAMAN newspaper April 27, 2013
MUSICWORKS magazine Spring 2013 interview