"Timeless Waves" album has been included in the "BEST ALBUMS OF 2012" list on the Canadian music magazine EXCLAIM.


ATTN Magazine November 2012
“Without warning, a new object – Planet X – appeared in the heavens: a mysterious entity intruding upon a vast ancient system. Hailed as a paradise by some, an expeditionary force discovers instead that it represents a menace to human existence. Hunted by a superior alien intelligence and explorer is trapped and used as a test for the ultimate assimilation and extermination of humanity. This is the tale of his doomed fight, grasping for the last snatches of his soul.” It’s therefore of no surprise that Planet X commences on a rather sombre, somewhat ominous note. The...Read more
Monsieur Delire Magazine November 2012
Belle collaboration onirique entre le guitariste/électronicien/compositeur Erdem Helvacioglu et le violoniste/altiste Ulrich Mertin. Trame sonore d’un film de science-fiction qui n’existe pas. Musique de cordes qui dépeint un drame interplanétaire. Une approche moderne d’une kosmische musik troublée. Réussi et très bien fignolé côté arrangements et production. “Gradual Annihilation of the Mind” offre une belle descente aux enfers. A fine collaboration between guitarist/electronician/composer Erdem Helvacioglu and violinist/violist Ulrich Mertin. An original sountrack for a...Read more
Fanfare Magazine March/April 2013
American Record Guide Magazine March/April 2013
SIGNAL to NOISE Magazine Edition 65


Tokafi Magazine June 2013
Through swollen eyes by Tobias Fischer Erdem Helvacıoğlu wants composers to leave the zone of non-involvement "I don't see things getting better", Erdem Helvacıoğlu says, his gaze fixed intently on me. We're sitting in the lobby of the Ibis Hotel near Berlin's Ostbahnhof and we're both exhausted and tired – Erdem from a long flight and too little sleep, me from a Winter that simply won't come to an end. We've already been talking for an hour, zig-zagging from music to travelling and from our goals in life to life in Istanbul, Erdem's first hometown next to his second one...Read more
TODAYS ZAMAN newspaper April 27, 2013
MUSICWORKS magazine Spring 2013 interview