"Eleven Short Stories" albümü, Istanbul'un en heyecan verici plak dükkanı KONTRA PLAK tarafından "2012 SENESININ EN IYI ALBUMLERI" listesine dahil edildi.


"Helvacioglu’s music...

Evan Burke, i care if you listen magazine, 2012

"On his album Eleven Short Stories, Erdem Helvacioglu has transformed his piano into the most flexible of instruments, augmenting it with odd implements and making it sing with new tones, telling vivid tales."

Daniel Garrett, The Compulsive Reader, 2012

“It’s a groundbreaking record that proves how music of resounding depth, beauty and understated power can be created where the conventional and the technological meet.”

John Kelman, All About Jazz magazine on Altered Realities, 2007

“Harp music like you've never heard before recreates the amazing chaos of creation for an experience you'll not soon forget.”

Richard Marcus, Blogcritics on Resonating Universes, 2011

"Planet X is an EXTRAORDINARILY INVENTIVE and FASCINATING album of essentially electronic music, and I can recommend it highly on its musical content alone."

Lynn Rene Bayley, Fanfare magazine, 2012

"Black Falcon is an incredible musical recording. As a sonic experience it has few rivals in the experimental field able to achieve such technical prowess combined with live experimentation, cohesive narrative form and engagement with the edge of music."

Cyclic Defrost Magazine, 2011

“Turkey’s Helvacioglu (electric guitar, GuitarViol) and Sweden’s Boysen (flute, sax, EWI, fretless and dropped-B electrics) masterfully employ looping and sophisticated electronics to craft uncommonly deep, intelligent, and beautiful cinematic compositions at times reminiscent of Stockhausen, Hassell, Eno, NIN, and Floyd, but brilliantly transcending those and their many other influences.”

Barry Cleveland, Guitar Player Magazine on Sub City 2064, 2010

"Without the supplemental storylines, Wounded Breath would likely leave the impression of the auditory internalizations of a madman, but once the scenarios are introduced, Helvacioğlu’s genius can be realized."

Tori Biggs, Regen Magazine, December 2009